Amazing benefits of coconut oil on skin and body | youknowhealth

Nowadays, coconut oil is a necessary ingredient in the beauty and health industry. This oil offers numerous benefits to us. But most of us really do not know what the benefits we can get from coconut oil. It contains a good amount of fats which provide us with a lot of energy with almost zero bad effects.

Amazing benefits of coconut oil on skin and body | youknowhealth
Amazing benefits of coconut oil on skin and body | youknowhealth

  This oil has excellent benefits for your body, skin, and health. It acts as a rejuvenator and moisturizer which can help you to reduce irritations and dry skin problems. Hence benefits of coconut oil on the skin and body are extensive.

So lets us know the amazing benefits of coconut oil on skin and body in the below-given list.

1.  Relief from sunburn

Are you exposed to sunlight most of the time?  If yes, then here is a solution for you. It can rehydrate your dry skin, reduce redness and soothe inflamed skin. It is advisable that to get maximum protection from sunburn you should add zinc oxide or red raspberry seed extract to coconut oil for a longer time.

2.  Massage oil for your body

It can be used as a massage oil for your body to reduce sore muscles. It also enhances the deep meditation.

3.  Balm for your lip

Most of the time you ingest some harmful chemical ingredients through your lip balm. So you can avoid it by applying homemade lip balm made of coconut oil. You can get rid off from the cracked, dry lip and the toxic element which you ingest.

4. Homemade facewash

Coconut oil has antimicrobial properties and moisturizing abilities which can kill any type of bacteria on your face and hydrate your face so that you feel vibrant.

5. Shaving gel

You can use coconut oil as a shaving gel before shaving. Using it you can perform a smooth shaving instead of using shaving gel or creams which are a little bit harmful to your skin.

6. Remove marks

You can remove your marks on skin using coconut oil quickly. Apply it on the marks of your skin regularly. You will get a good result.

7.  Dandruff remover

Dandruff is very disturbing in our life. We really want to get rid off this. But how? Here is a nice solution. Use coconut oil on your scalp daily, it will moisturize the affected area and reduce the growth of dandruff.  Your hair will shine which is an additional benefit you get.

8. skin disease

Skin diseases like psoriasis, eczema are very irritating. Patients with these diseases can use this oil on skin because it has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce irritation. A recent study has shown that 47 percent of patients with these of skin diseases got better result when they used coconut oil. So, it is a great fighter of your skin regarding these problems. You can count on coconut oil.

9. Weight loss

Most of us want to be fit and fine. We want our body weight in our control that means want to reduce body weight. Here is a good option to get the desired body weight which is coconut oil. It has richest sources of medium chain triglycerides (MCTs). Its regular consumption burns extra body fat quickly. A study has shown that coconut oil is better alternative to olive oil to reduce body weight.

10. Diabetes level

In today's world, we are facing diabetes more or less. We have to be very cautious in our daily food items due to this common disease. But we can control it with natural coconut oil. How? Consumption of it can increase glucose tolerance and also control blood sugar levels. This happens due to the presence of MCTs in it. It also helps in improving brain functions of those who are suffering from type 1 diabetes.

11. Heart diseases

Coconut oil has rich amount of saturated fats. It has been proved that these fats help in raising the level of good cholesterol (HDL). HDL removes the cholesterol from the blood and hence reduces the risk of heart diseases.

12. Control your hunger

Most of the time we cannot control our hunger. Hence we end up eating junk or fast food that causes a huge problem to our health. So how can we prevent it? A study has supported the fact that if we include coconut oil in our diet menu, our appetite will be greatly controlled by it. The reason is it contains medium-chain fatty acids which increase excess calorie burning and make us feel fuller for a longer time.

13. Kidney health

Kidney is very vital organ in our body. Some kidney related problems can make you weak. Maintaining our kidney healthy is very important for our body. So how can we do that? The answer is simple. Coconut oil contains saturated fats which further use omega-3 fatty acids to treat kidney-related ailments.
 Also, coconut oil has myristic acid which offers great protection to our kidney.

14. Tooth problems

If you have tooth decay, bad odor or cavity then you can really depend on organic coconut oil. Since it has an anti-bacterial ability, it can prevent germ formation around teeth and gums. You just need to rub it on your teeth and you will definitely get the best results.

15. Viral infections

Sometimes we are affected by viral infections. In order to fight back these harmful viruses, we can depend upon coconut oil. It has rich source of capric acid. On consuming capric acid converts itself to monocaprin and this monocaprin stimulates White Blood Cells (WBC). These WBCs fight backs consistently.

16. Strong bone

Organic coconut oil keeps our bone healthy and stronger. It helps in bone flexibility. It develops strong connection among tissue around bones and connecting muscles. As a result, it keeps bone disorder problems like arthritis at bay.

17. Fungal infections

Since organic coconut oil has rich source of lauric acid, it can fight back fungal infections. You just need to apply this oil on the fungal affected portion of your skin to get better results.


Coconut oil has various health benefits. So we should add this oil in our food items so that we can get the best health benefit from it.
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The ultimate secret of foods that help in weight loss | youknowhealth

What is weight loss?

Weight loss means a reduction of the total body mass, loss of fluid, body fat or adipose tissue or lean mass. Weight loss can occur in various ways like unintentionally or intentionally. Unintentionally refers to malnourishment or an underlying disease and intentionally refers to conscious efforts to decrease body weight.

The ultimate secret of foods that help in weight loss | youknowhealth
weight loss

If you want your body weight to be reduced with the help of some best food, then you are in the right article. With the help of certain foods, you can achieve desired body weight. Weight-loss diet food items have few things in common, they are rich in fiber that keeps you feeling fuller longer and low energy density which means you can eat an average-sized portion of food without excessing on calories.

         Here is the list of the most weight-loss-friendly foods that provide you with the desired result. Check them out.

Whole eggs

Whole eggs are one of the best food items that you can eat to lose weight as they are rich protein and healthy fats. They increase the feeling of fullness and make you less appetite for a long time. Eggs are very rich in nutrients and they can provide you with most of the nutrients you need.

Leafy Greens

 Leafy greens have various properties which are perfect for a weight loss diet as they are low in carbohydrates, calories and densed with fiber. They are also very nutritious as many vitamins, antioxidants and minerals are found in them.

    Some of the leafy greens you can eat like kale, spinach, collards, swiss chards, chard, rocket, collard greens, lettuce, and broccoli.

Boiled Potatoes

Boiled potatoes have various properties that you can choose as a weight loss diet as they contain a very high amount of potassium which plays an important role in B.P control. Among all the food items the satiety index which indicates filling differents foods boiled potatoes are on top of the list.


Avocados contain potassium, phytochemicals, fiber and fatty acids which can lower your body weight. Avocados are rich in calories compared to other fruits and vegetables and their fat and fiber may help you to lower your body weight.


Beans contain the very high amount of fiber and they may be your pal if you want to lose weight as they can help you feel fuller longer ultimately controlling your hunger. Beans have also various health benefits like lowering BP, cholesterol and cardiovascular disease.

Chili Pepper

According to a study, it is proved that 1 gram of red chili pepper can reduce your hunger and increase fat burning. Chili peppers contain capsaicin which performs those work for you and capsaicin is even also sold as a commercial weight loss supplements.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is very rich in fatty acids and a study shows that these fatty acids have better satiety value than other fats. In another study, it shows that coconut oil reduces belly fat for both man and woman. So you can replace your other cooking oil with coconut oil.


Tuna is omega-3 rich fish, low calorie and low in fat. You will probably hear that tuna is very popular among bodybuilders and fitness models. One recommendation is that you should choose tuna canned in water, not oil.

Cottage Cheese

One of the best sources of protein is cottage cheese. It is also rich in vitamins, minerals which are very beneficial to your health. Since cottage cheese is high in protein, it digests slowly which makes you feel fuller longer and you may not want to eat for a long time.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is very popular among the health enthusiast around the world. It contains all type of benefits which are proved by scientists. It includes lowering your blood sugar. reducing cholesterol and weight loss. Taking apple cider vinegar can increase your feeling of fullness and make you eat less food with around 250 to 275 calories for the whole day.

A 12-week long study shows that intake of 15 to 30 ml vinegar per day causes weight loss of 2.7 to 3.8 pounds or 1.3 to 1.8 kilograms.


Nuts have an excellent amount of balanced protein, fats, and fiber. A study has shown that nuts can improve your metabolic rate and also helps weight loss. It is advisable that you should consume nuts in restricted diet.


Yogurt helps in burning fat and reducing weight loss. Several studies have shown that low-fat yogurt is more effective in losing weight. Here is the best yogurt is Greek yogurt that gives you ultimate results.


Grapefruit has tremendous effects on losing weight as it is proved by some studies. Eating half a grapefruit before meals help in reducing weight by 3.5 pounds or 1.6 kg.

Whole grains

Whole grains contain fiber and a decent amount of protein which increase your satiety level and metabolic health. Some of the best examples are quinoa, brown rice, and oats.

The bottom line

In order to lose weight, you should consult a doctor with proper diet plan with above-listed food items and regular exercise helps you faster to achieve your goal.

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