How to be happy : Your top 19 ways to be happier | You Know Health

How to be happy : Your top 19 ways to be happier | You Know Health
How to be happy: Your top 19 ways to be happier | You Know Health


I have seen many of you search for how to be happy on the internet on a daily basis. There are thousands of ways to be happier. But the question is what do you mean by the term 'happy'? The answer is simple - you have mental satisfaction and gratitude in your present time. This situation is called is happiness and in this way, you feel happy. You might have seen some people always feel happy and some do not. What may be the reason behind it? There are several reasons that differentiate people into these two categories, you will understand after reading this article.

Though there are many ways to be happier, according to some scientific research, 25 proven ways are the best to be happier in life. So let's check them one by one.

The ways

1. Leave negative thoughts

We have a natural tendency to think negative more than positive thoughts. We can train ourselves to think positively with meditation and active mindfulness. Here meditation refers to yoga, peaceful prayer, Tai Chai and spiritual reflection. Active mindfulness refers to some mental activities like- fill your mind with positive thoughts, work on a small but targeted goal and understand others feeling.

2. Get benefits from all experiences

In your daily life, you may have some bad or some good experiences. Always remember there are lessons behind each and every experience. Try to accept it and harvest some positive lessons. In this way, you will be proactive and ready for the future experiences that will not bother you anymore. You will be happy.

3. Develop a sense of optimism

Optimism and pessimism can make a huge difference in your life. An optimistic outlook with ground reality can boost you to perform an action with more confidence. For an example, let's say you are very poor in mathematics so your first thought will be like this "Ah I cannot do well in math !". This is your pessimistic outlook. But on the other side, if you think " Okay it is not a big deal, I will practice enough and improve my math solving ability". This is called your optimistic outlook.

So develop a sense of optimism with reality and you will be happier.

4. Push yourself out of the comfort zone

According to some research, change yourself with the changing environment can make you more efficient that means we shall be more productive if we push ourselves out of comfort zone. This will give us many rewards and your happiness will increase silently.

5. Smile whenever possible

According to research, smile increases happiness. When you smile during a painful situation you will feel less pain compared to just staying neutral to the situation. Smiling releases two hormones namely endorphins and serotonin. Endorphins reduce pain relief and serotonin make you feel happy.

6. Make your body feel happy

You should make your brain and body happy altogether. There are various ways I will mention later for your brain to be happy but here are few ways for your body. Participate in physical activities, take proper healthy food at right time and get enough sleep. If you are an adult you should have 8 to 9 hours of sleep. According to studies, exercise makes our brain release endorphin which makes our mood happy.

7. Make friends

We are social animals, we need people around us to spend quality times. According to a group of Harvard researches, people who make friends of similar mentally tend to be happier more than different mentalities. So you must make friends with similar interest without engaging any discord, anger and arguments.

8. Communicate regularly

We live in a highly changeable society. People move place to place for occupation or any other reasons. Hence the communication gap arises. This lets people become narrower in mind and they feel less happy. It is not possible to stay close with family and friends all the time. But you can stay close via various ways like a phone call, WhatsApp messaging, video chatting and social media. You will feel much happy.

9. Gratitude
According to various research, showing gratitude towards others can reduce your anxiety and depression. Some people have this trait naturally and some do not. You need not worry if you have less gratitude towards others. You can achieve this through continuous practice.
10. Core values

Core values are the internal goals or beliefs that you want to persuade in your life. These goals or beliefs may be your commitment to family, striving for excellence, passion for something. Whenever you are not in line with these values, you feel dissatisfied and happiness goes way. So you must be close to your core values.

11. Be own yourself

Accept your own way of living, your behaviour, your way talking, your voice. Don't change just because people don't like. You may like playing with children or doing some silly activities that give you real fun, you should not pay attention to others who make ridiculous comments on these behaviours. By this way, you will be happy.

12. Do some extra activities

Whenever you get free time, do your favourite hobby like playing games, walking for some minutes, cooking, chatting with friends, listening cool music, watching movies, swimming etc. These will make you feel worthy and happy.

13. Follow intuition

Be prepared to follow your intuition. This will give you happiness. Start making a small decision with your intuition and practise a lot. This will give you a wider area where you make big decision with your intuition.

14. Be compassionate

Compassion is defined as kindness towards others. A study has revealed that people who practise compassion have more happiness than others. You can execute in various ways like giving education to needy children, providing food, clothes, shelter to those who need it. You can give small gifts to your close people. You will get more happiness.

15. Work-life balance

Make a proper work-life balance in order to be happy. How can you do that? It is simple. Prioritise your most urgent work and allocate proper time to finish it. You must take breaks during work and enjoy the holidays with your family, friends.

16. Reload happy moments

A collection of happy moments can make you feel good. So try to collect these moments and load it your brain. Whenever you feel disturbed, pick those moments and enjoy thinking of them. It will pass the bad situation smoothly.

17. Spend smartly

Spending money is related to happiness. How? When we spend money on buying gifts for our loved one, friends or anyone, it gives mental satisfaction. So spend on those things that make you happy.

18. Speak about yourself

When people talk about us with some negative approach, we feel disappointed. But if we express our own needs and thoughts, we can overcome interpersonal challenges. This will make us happy.

19. Focus on relationships

Research has revealed that people who have shown happiness with fancy items are less happy than who do not have. The ultimate guide to getting more happiness is to build good relationship with people.


I hope these tips will work best for you. If you like this article you can share with anyone who feels disturbed in life so that he can gain benefits from this article. Thank you very much.

The best secrets way of how to deal with stress in life | youknowhealth

The best secrets way of how to deal with stress in life | youknowhealth
The best secrets way of how to deal with stress in life | youknowhealth

What is stress?

Stress is defined as a way of dealing with tough or demanding situations by your body. It can cause some nervous system, respiratory, cardiovascular and hormonal changes. Sometimes, you might have experienced a faster heartbeat, sweating of your body and tensed up. Sometimes you get a motivation which results in greater mind energy and body to do a work. All are the result of this.

How does it arise?

Stress may arise from your hectic job life, family-related issues, financial issues, moving to a new place, experiencing something new etc. It does chemical changes and prepares your body to fight with that situation.

   It is two types- good and bad. Good stress can occur when you have to talk in front of a lot of people or facing an interview or maybe the first day of your job in the office. It causes your palm sweaty or heart beat faster. It is not permanent.

  Bad stress comes from negative feelings like worry, angry, scares, frustration, separation from dear one, death of family members, losing a job, working too hard, break up, divorce, busy life and many more. It can have a negative impact on your body or mind.

So how can you deal with stress?

There are two types of solution to cope with it- physically and mentally. Now let us see how you can do that.


1.  Do some targeted exercise which will free you from stress hormone simultaneously it will increase your endorphin level which causes a feeling of happiness. You should walk around 20 mins a day.
Swimming is a great reliever of stress so you can do it. Raise your heartbeat 120-170 beats per minute for around 25 mins.

2.  Having a good sleep is advisable because sleep revives and restore your body energy. Most of the adult need 7 to 8 hours of sleep while young children and older person need 9 to 10 hours of sleep every night.

3. For a more healthy stress-free body you should take proper food. Eat complex carbohydrates like whole grain food items, soybean, spinach, salmon. green tea, black tea, foods rich in vitamin A etc.
Avoid caffeine and alcohol intake. Eat healthy breakfast daily. Take proper intake of water.

4. You should learn to relax. Think of some cool situation. Music is a great reliever of stress especially soft and calm music,  so try to listen instrumental like piano, violin, jazz, classical type music.

5. Take a bath and relax your body.

6. Body massage is very useful in relieving stress. Get a massage from someone with lotion or oil in a cool atmosphere.

7. Meditation and yoga are very effective. Sit in a noise free place and close your eyes. Then think of something happy moment. It will reduce your stress in great amount.

8. Think of your hobby and do some activities on this apart from your daily life. You will feel relaxed.


1. Do not think of negative all the time. It will cause more stress on your body. Avoid the bad things that happen during your day and just consider the good ones.

2. Use positive self-talk and promise yourself that you can do it.

3. Every morning think positive of yourself.

4. Set some small goals during the day to complete the task. You should know your limits which work you can do or you can't. Avoid procrastination, try to complete your work daily.

5. Identify the source of stress that means the things cause you feel it. Try to make a distance with those things. Here things may be a person.

6. Do not worry about the things which you can't change. Just let it go.
7. Don't want to be a perfect guy. No one is perfect. So relax your mind.

8. Love yourself.

9. Try to laugh. Watch some comedy videos, funny movies etc. Laugh reduces stress significantly.
10. True friends are beneficial to reduce stress because they can give you some good suggestion to deal with the situation.
11. You can use stress relief ball or a punching bag to express your inner feeling.


It is unavoidable in our life but we can deal with it smartly with the help of some tips above mentioned. So lets practice together to beat this evil.

I hope you like this article. Motivate me to write such type of useful article by sharing this article with close buddies or anyone you like. Keep an eye on my website for further updates. Thank you very much