Type 1 diabetes symptoms and its major causes | You Know Health

Type 1 diabetes symptoms and its major causes | You Know Health
Type 1 diabetes symptoms and its major causes | You Know Health


Diabetes is a prolonged situation in which a person suffers from very high amount of sugar (glucose) produced in blood of his body. A hormone called insulin produced by the pancreas controls the amount of glucose to be produced in the blood. This insulin helps sugar to enter cells to produce energy for our body.

There are two types of diabetes :
  1. Type 1 diabetes
  2. Type 2 diabetes

In type 1 diabetes pancreas is unable to produce insulin and in type 2 diabetes pancreas does not produce sufficient amount of insulin or cells does not react to insulin produced. In this article, we will focus only one type 1 diabetes symptoms and its major causes.

Type 1 diabetes is known as juvenile diabetes since it appears during childhood and also it can develop in adults. In spite of many research, this diabetes has no ultimate cure. The only best solution of this diabetes to prevent from further complications is controlling blood sugar level.


So let's discuss its symptoms so that you can identify someone has type 1 diabetes or not. Here are the major symptoms below :

  • Extreme hunger - in medical terms, it is called polyphagia. It happens when glucose is unable to enter the cells to produce energy.

  • Blurred vision - it happens due to hypoglycemia.

  • Unexpected weight loss - in this case, the body starts burning muscle and fats for energy.

  • Weakness and fatigue - when the body cells do not get enough sugar, weakness and fatigue happen naturally.

  • Frequent urination - this happens when kidney cannot absorb excess sugar and this sugar, pulls more water. In this way more urine is emitted from the body.

  • Frequent mood change - it is due to fluctuating glucose in the blood.
  • Cuts and healing - people with diabetes have inability or less immune system to recover from cuts.


Though exact causes are not known for this disease, researchers assume that it is the immune system of the body destroys the harmful bacteria and viruses along with cells of the pancreas which produce insulin. A study has published that the other possible reasons for this diabetes are external viruses and genetics.

So let's discuss the causes :


When the cells of the pancreas are destroyed by some factors, pancreas produces less insulin or nil. This amount of insulin is not sufficient to tackle the excess sugar and ultimately results in diabetes.


We know glucose is the main source of energy for the cells for muscle building and the sources of glucose are liver and food. When glucose level is low, liver takes the glucose and breaks it down to adjust glucose level in blood. If this glucose increases in excess in blood, then diabetes happens. It can be dangerous.


If someone has this type of disease, there may a risk of getting affected with it other siblings or members of  the family.


Sometimes certain gene plays a major role in developing this disease.

Some complications

This type of diabetes has some grave complications. It mainly affects kidneys, nerves, eyes, heart and blood vessels. These are as :

  • Kidney damage - Kidneys has millions of blood vessels that work actively in filtering waste from blood. When diabetes destroys these blood vessels of the kidney, the function of kidney hampers and this leads to kidney failure.

  • Eye problems - blindness can happen due to destruction of blood vessels of retina by diabetes. Also it causes glaucoma.

  • Heart problems - It can cause heart attack, chest pain, stroke and artery problems.

  • Skin-related - diabetes causes skin to more prone to fungal and bacterial infection.

  • Pregnancy - miscarriage, birth defects, and stillbirth are major problems happen during pregnancy of a diabetes affected woman.


Always consult with doctors as it can be life-threatening. I hope you get some knowledge about this type 1 diabetes. Thank you very mcuh.